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What Do Tire Numbers Mean?

Car tires on showcase

Have you ever gotten up close and personal with your tires? Whether you were measuring your tread depth or changing a flat, you almost certainly noticed the combination of numbers and letters on the tire wall. They obviously indicate something about the kind of tires on your vehicle, but what do tire numbers mean, exactly? Simply put, the tire code indicates the size, load index, speed rating, and type of tire. Let’s take a closer look at an example together.

Decoding Your Tire Number Meaning

Take the code “P215/65R15 95H”. This is exactly the kind of tire number that you might see on your Jaguar tires, but even if yours is different, you can find out how to decode it by following our guide below:

  • “P” – In this code, the letter P indicates that the tire has been designed for passenger vehicles. You might also see the letters “LT” (signifying “Light Truck”) in this position.
  • “215” – The next set up numbers, occurring before the slash, indicate the tire’s width in millimeters, measuring from sidewall to sidewall.
  • “65” – The next two numbers indicate the aspect ratio. Here, “65” tells us that the tire’s height is equal to 65% of the tire’s width. The larger the number, the larger the sidewall.
  • “R” – The next letter tells us that this tire has a radial construction. This type of construction is nearly ubiquitous in today’s auto market.
  • “15” – The next two numbers indicate the kind of wheel that the tire is meant for. “15” tells you that this tire was designed for a 15-inch wheel, so take note! You’ll definitely need to check this number if you’re searching for new tires near Greenwich or New Canaan.
  • “95” – These two numbers tell us the load index. The number generally ranges between 75 and 105 for passenger vehicles, and a tire with a “95” is rated to hold around 1500 pounds. (Be sure to check your vehicle’s payload rating before loading up with cargo.)
  • “H” – Your speed rating is always a letter. “H” indicates that a tire is rated to go up to 130 mph, and if you’re replacing your tires, you should always choose a replacement that’s rated at least as high as the component you’re getting rid of.

What do the numbers on your tires mean? If you’re still having trouble decoding your Jaguar vehicle’s tire number meaning, call us today at (866) 217-4787 or contact us directly online. Interested in the benefits of winter tires? We’d be happy to get you started.

Turn to Jaguar Darien For Tire Care

Although we’re always happy to help out our Stamford-area neighbors with DIY car care tips, we’ve made it easy to schedule service online and get the help you need from an expert. While you’re here, find out how to reset a check engine light at home.

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