What Is Good Mileage for a Used Car?

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If you’re interested in upgrading to a car that’s new to you, you need to be able to answer the question of what is considered high mileage for a used car! Although today’s pre-owned vehicles are lasting longer than ever, many drivers in Fairfield and Westport are still convinced that cars with more than 100,000 miles are bad investments. The truth, however, is more complex!

What Is Considered High Mileage for a Used Car?

So, what is good mileage for a used car? Today, even a model with 125,000 or 150,000 miles can be a good investment, since you’re likely to clear 200,000 miles or more. With that said, mileage is just one of many factors that you should consider:

  • Mileage vs. Age: The average driver puts on around 10,000 miles per year. If you divide a vehicle’s mileage by its age and don’t get a similar result, start asking questions! The vehicle may have excess wear, or it might have started having problems early on.
  • When Was It Manufactured: How long can a Jaguar last? In part, it depends on when the vehicle was made. If you’re looking at older vehicles, know that manufacturing gets better every year. Advances in the last decade, in particular, have led to vehicles that last significantly longer.
  • Check the Maintenance Schedule: Ask questions or look for a vehicle history report to find out how the used car was maintained. A poorly maintained vehicle is likely to be a worse investment, even if it has fewer miles.

It’s easy to be confident in your purchase when you choose to buy certified pre-owned, but this isn’t the only way to drive home with confidence. If you want to be sure that your favorite low-mileage used car for sale isn’t too good to be true, it never hurts to bring it to a local service center before you buy.

How Many Miles is Too Much for a Used Car?

You’ve seen that most used cars can last for quite a while, but when is it worth it to invest? When is it better to stay away? In other words, how many miles is too much for a used car?

There’s no hard and fast answer since different drivers have different needs. It’s helpful to consider the worst case scenario, where the used car that you’ve purchased expires before you’ve finished paying off the loan. It’s pretty easy to avoid this situation if you make the following calculation before you buy:

  • The average driver travels around 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year.
  • While longer loan terms are becoming more common, most used car buyers will pay off their loans within four to six years of their purchase date.
  • If your current driving habits would cause your vehicle to cross the 200,000-mile threshold before you can finish paying off the loan, you’re probably safe to assume that this used car’s mileage is too high to buy!
  • On the other hand, if you can pay off your loan before the vehicle reaches 150,000 miles, you’re practically guaranteed to get your money’s worth from the purchase.
  • For everything in between, it’s up to the driver’s discretion. Just take good care of the vehicle while it’s in your possession to maximize its long-term reliability.

Additional Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car

We’ve covered the basics. Still, if you’re currently in the process of buying a used car, there are a few more things that you should keep in mind:

  • Pay Attention to Model Generation: There may not always be major differences between the model years of various vehicles, but significant changes often take place between generations! Do your research and find out which models are most reliable.
  • Ask About Where the Car was Driven: City miles wear more heavily on a vehicle than highway miles. What’s more, used cars that have spent time in hot, wet climates (or especially cold regions) will tend to be more worn down.
  • There’s No Substitute for a Close Inspection: Never buy a used car without spending time inside the cabin, trying out the features, and taking it a road test! Plenty of information simply doesn’t show up on an odometer, and it’s important to cover all your bases.

How Long Can a Jaguar Last?

You’ve seen that even a used car with higher mileage can be a smart investment in some cases—but is investing in a Jaguar really the right choice? How many miles does a Jaguar last?

  • Most Jaguar vehicles will last for at least 150,000 miles, but there’s a lot that a driver can do to push this number much higher.
  • With regular oil replacement, belt changes, spark plug replacement, and other basic maintenance services, you can ensure that your Jaguar lasts for 200,000 miles or more.

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