Spring Cleaning Tips for Jaguar Owners

March 21st, 2017 by

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New Canaan drivers know that properly caring for your Jaguar model is important, so when spring starts to approach, you should familiarize yourself with the proper tips and techniques to spring clean your Jaguar. If you want to ensure your vehicle runs properly and looks attractive on the Greenwich roads, then follow these tips.

Carpets and Upholstery

The seats and floors of your Jaguar model see a lot of action, so you want to be sure you give these areas a thorough cleaning. Be sure to use products that are safe on the material. To be certain, you may want to test the product on a smaller area of the vehicle first. This can help ensure you don’t do any severe damage to your vehicle while cleaning it.


Having great visibility is important for your safety, so you want to pay close attention to the windows. Be sure to wash them down, both inside and out. This can help remove any fingerprint smudges or residue that sits on your windows, which could deter your overall vision.


Even if you’re a neat freak, the winter months can force you to accumulate random items throughout your vehicle. When spring starts to approach, take some time to organize. Go through glove boxes and consoles and throw out anything you don’t need or put items back in their place. This can make it easier for you to access items specifically when you need them.


The inside of your Jaguar is extremely detailed, so it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean these areas. Make sure you vacuum in the crevices of seats and wipe down all storage areas. By thoroughly cleaning the interior, you can ensure your vehicle is clean and ready to tackle the West Port adventures.

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