Appreciate the Look of the 2016 Jaguar XJ


With just one look, you will recognize the sleek body of the2016 Jaguar XJ. After all, that’s what happens when so much time and thought was placed into the design and feel of a luxury vehicle. With its sleek body style, down to its detailed features, this model boasts everything an attractive vehicle would have on the outside. See for yourself how this model stands out in the crowd.


Right at the tip of the vehicle you’ll notice an attitude exuded by the Jaguar XJ. This model is assertive with an attractive front grille that makes it stand out on the Greenwich roads. In addition, this grille is then framed out by signature LED lighting that are slim yet powerful in visibility. The illuminated double-J daytime signature lights also stand out at the hood of this vehicle and give you something to enjoy while on the road.


For those West Port drivers behind you, knowing you’re in a Jaguar XJ is easy. After all, the signature taillights of this new model are easily recognizable. Drivers will notice the J LED illuminated taillights that delve deep into their eyes to provide pertinent safety. In addition, the back end of this attractive new model also features elliptical tailpipes which not only add a sport touch to the back end of this model, but prove that it means business in terms of power.

All Around

What helps the Jaguar XJ stand out in New Canaan is the fluid sculpture of the body. The rear windshield wraps around the Jaguar XJ to create an untouched yet sophisticated look on the exterior. In addition, the long profile of the vehicle is highlighted by the sloping roofline that not only gives it a signature appearance, but also helps to improve aerodynamics.

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